Precision handheld LCR meter

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Nominal 910pF capacitor under test @100khz

Measures component AC impedance at 5 preset frequencies:

Measurement capabilities:

  • Inductance, capacitance, AC resistance (denoted as R), DC resistance (DCR), dissipation factor D, quality factor Q and phase angle
  • Five device test frequencies: 100hz, 120hz, 1khz, 10khz, 100khz
  • Test amplitude: 0.6V RMS 
  • Product images shown:
    • 910pf +/-5% silver mica capacitor under test @ 100khz
    • 100uH inductor under test @ 100khz
    • 100pF capacitor under test @ 100khz
    • Electrolytic capacitors @ 100hz, analysis:
      • 10uF Tantalum capacitor, Rp = 13Kohms
      • 10uF Al capacitor, Rp = 4.12Kohms
  • LCR meter models series/parallel equivalent resistance
  • Function switch toggles between differing L-C-R measurement configurations
  • Guarded test leads
  • Built in component test fixture 


  • Test leads
  • Calibration shunt
  • 6 each 1.5V AAA carbon-zinc battery
  • Backlit display
  • Black carry bag

 Measurement example:

  • Resistor placed in series with capacitor
    • Measured with built-in test fixture for components.
    • Nominal resistor (R) marking: 10k (+/- 5%)
      • VA520 measured value: 9.969k (100hz)
    • Nominal capacitance (C) value: 910pf (+/- 5%)
      • VA520 measured value: 912pF (100hz) 
  • Equivalent series resistance (ESR) mode measurements:


Frequency (hz) 100 120 1k 10k 100k
Capacitance (C) (pF)  912  911  910.9  910.9  910.2
ESR (kilo ohms)  11.0  10.7  10.0  9.96  9.97

Cseries (pF)

(with R in series)

 911  911  910.4 909.5   901.5







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